Welcome to the 1EdTech Foundation

The 1EdTech® Foundation is a public charity that powers learner potential by accelerating an educational technology ecosystem that underlies new lifelong educational models where:


Every Student Matters

Every learner has the power to change the world. Educational success now and into the future calls for a focus on equity, agency, and mastery: learners changing the world through their passion.


Authentic Learning is the Benchmark

Learners are challenged to invent a better future for themselves and others. Subject matter is learned because it is relevant.


Achievement Enables Opportunity

Learners have a story to tell—their own. Achievements are captured into records that are owned, curated, and support connecting an individual’s unique path to rapidly evolving opportunities.


The Power of 1EdTech: Together, We're a Force to Be Educated With

An open technology platform based on open standards means the sector invests together, innovation continues to flourish, and all communities get to the future faster.

Equity is enabled by the freedom to choose the best set of curriculum products, learning platforms, and tools without limits from proprietary platforms.

Effective use of educational data that helps every student, institution, and edtech supplier, requires cooperation on infrastructure trusted by all stakeholders.

"We see great potential for 1EdTech to save the district time and money in our work with suppliers, by providing detailed information on what works and what doesn't in a fraction of the time we currently must invest to launch a new integration. We expect 1EdTech to accelerate our progress toward a robust digital landscape."
Dr. Steve Flynt
Associate Superintendent
Gwinnett County Public Schools

1EdTech Foundation Investments

Competencies and Academic Standards Network: A single source of truth data network of official state learning standards and competencies to support aligned instruction and open up diverse opportunities for learners.

Ecosystem Accelerator Program: Digital ecosystem support tools for school districts, universities, and curriculum suppliers to enable digital on day one, data transparency, trust, compatibility, and cooperative evolution of open standards.

Learn & Work Ecosystem Library: A web-based library that collects, curates, and coordinates information and resources for diverse stakeholders in the learn-and-work ecosystem.

Project Wellspring: Universities, school districts, and leading corporations working together to capture competencies and improve employment and educational opportunities and pathways.

Student Data Privacy Certification: Creating an effective app vetting network of institutions and edtech suppliers that enables certification of institutions and products to protect students' rights.


How We Do It?

The 1EdTech Foundation is a Type I supporting 501c3 organization affiliated with 1EdTech Consortium, the largest and most productive global edtech innovation collaboration. 1EdTech is a non-profit 501c6 membership organization with over 900 members operating for the public good by publishing open standards and best practices free to access and use by any party. 1EdTech has succeeded in nurturing a vibrant, collaborative ecosystem of school districts, universities, state departments of education and edtech providers. Using 1EdTech open standards, innovative products can connect seamlessly through trusted connections. 1EdTech is also a sponsor of the 1EdTech Foundation, providing financial and resource support, including management, development, and deployment of 1EdTech Foundation projects. 1EdTech has many membership options for all types and sizes of organizations for those interested in joining the 1EdTech collaboration.

1EdTech Foundation Sponsors and Supporters